Campaign Funding

There is a big difference in the way the Roby campaign is funded and the way the Mathis campaign is funded. Corporate donors, the Republican establishment, bankers, lawyers, and D.C. elite ensure that Martha Roby stays in office. On the other side, Nathan Mathis doesn't have corporate donors or a party's establishment funding him. Nathan has chosen to self fund his campaign. The only special interest group he will answer to is the people of Alabama District 2.

But who is she calling?Only around 4% of Roby's money comes from small individual contributions from the middle class. Martha Roby doesn't fund her own campaign, so that leaves almost 97% of her campaign funds that are donated by rich individuals or corporations.

So one might ask, who is funding Mrs. Roby's campaign? The answer is special interest. Roby's third largest donor is Blue Cross and Blue Shield, a well known medical insurance company. Also on her list of donors we find AT&T, The Home Depot, PACs, the automotive industry, and many lawyers and big banks. This is the kind of list you'd expect to find with corrupt establishment politicians.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield gave Martha Roby $12,500 this year. Recently it was announced that Blue Cross and Blue Shield would now be the only healthcare provider left in the state's Affordable Care Act marketplace. The Affordable Care Act requires everyone to be covered by insurance and offers tax credits to those that don't make enough money to pay for all of their premium. With Blue Cross and Blue Shield being the only insurance company on the marketplace, they are effectively monopolizing the marketplace. Since you're required to purchase the insurance, people needing help are now required to purchase Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Where does the government money from these tax credits go? Straight to the only insurance company on the Alabama marketplace, Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

This effectivelyallows Blue Cross and Blue Shield to once again allow your insurance premiums to skyrocket. A few weeks ago, Blue Cross and Blue Shield announced a 36% increase in most insurance premiums for the upcoming year. It's no wonder they donate so much money to help Mrs. Roby stay in office.

Small individual contributions from the middle class are very important to most campaigns. The percentages of small donations as compared to large individual contributions or corporate donations can tell you a lot about a campaign and who that person is going to represent. According to 60 minutes, Martha Roby spends 30 hours a week making phone calls asking for money.

You might ask, who cares who funds someone's campaign? That's a great question. The answer is that the donors care and Martha Roby cares. Without these donors, corporate politicians wouldn't have the money they have to keep them in power. While it may not seem like a big deal, these corporations don't give thousands of dollars to politicians like Mrs. Roby for nothing.

For example, a visit to Martha Roby's Facebook page or House of Representatives page might make you think she cares about how the Affordable Care Act has made your insurance premiums skyrocket. The truth, as pointed out earlier, is that Martha Roby's third biggest donor is Blue Cross and Blue Shield. If you look at her record of voting, she has done nothing to disable, fix, or repeal the Affordable Care Act, and she never will.

Things like this constantly happen when establishment politicians aren't held accountable by their constituents. This is why campaign funding matter.

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