60 Minutes on CBS reported that Mrs. Roby spends 30 hours per week calling people asking for money. The segment was entitled, "Dialing for Dollars." As your Congressman, Nathan Mathis will never call you and ask for money, but instead will use that time with good old south Alabama common sense to solve problems facing our nation.

Nathan will fight to make sure Social Security is properly funded, and our senior citizens will see they have a friend in Nathan Mathis. Nathan asks for your vote; but if you choose not to do so, than Nathan thanks you for taking time to read this.

In 1988 Nathan authored and passed HB 768, which became Act #88-386, which imposed a 5ยข per pack tax on cigarettes; with senior centers in Houston County receiving 25% of the proceeds and volunteer fire departments receiving 75%. The people of Houston County voted and approved this tax. At present, 8 City of Dothan Centers and 8 county centers receive from $600 to $800 per month from these proceeds. Each of the 17 volunteer fire departments in Houston County receive approximately $17,000 per year from the proceeds. New and much needed equipment has been purchased from these tobacco tax proceeds. The proceeds have generated $3,000,000 for our senior centers and $9,000,000 for our volunteer fire departments since implementation.

In addition, Nathan Mathis has provided many senior citizen centers with things like vans and furniture at no cost to those he helped. In July of 2016, Nathan was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Alabama Senior Citizens Hall of Fame because of his actions helping senior citizens.

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